You own a studio, a theater, a garage, or any other kind of space that could be used by artists. Simply create an account, put up your space, and start collecting income. Set your own prices, and rent out hourly, daily, weekly, or even monthly.




You can find a place to share your work with the world. Find a performance space for your show, or a gallery for your artwork. Accept donations or charge tickets for entry, all within the app. This allows you to handle almost all the logistical work of putting on a show in one place. Think of this like Eventbrite for artists.



See a catalog of other artists' work. Theater shows, art gallery openings, performance art, live music; all independently hosted. Join the ever growing community of artists and support them and their work.



You’re an artist looking for a place to create. Search for the type of space you need, narrow down by location and price range, and you’re off to create.



One of the main challenges artists face is finding collaborators. You're a filmmaker who needs a composer or a painter looking for models. Search for other artists looking to create and inspire new collaborations.

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If you're a dancer looking for a place to put on a full-scale ballet or a sculptor looking for a place to create, Artra will open new doors for you.


If you’re an owner of a space, whether a garage in Queens, a studio in Brooklyn, or a small off-Broadway theater in Manhattan, Artra will give you a centralized platform to rent out your space.


We’re going to do for artists what Airbnb did for travelers - and we’re taking it one step further.


One of the joys of this process has been meeting all different types of artists along the way. We’ve met comedians, dancers, photographers, lighting technicians, DJs, painters, and fellow actors. Our aim is to not only connect artists with space to create and put up their work, but to build a community in which artists can flourish and support each other.

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